Friday, May 22, 2009

More ideas for Preschool Teachers

- Create a sign up sheet for the kids so the sign up when they come in. This way they can practice for writing their names or just scribble as practice fro future literacy. This activity is modeled by the parents every morning.

- Imaginary Animal Exhibition. Using recyclable materials the kids create their imaginary animal. Then plan an art exhibition in the classroom where children can bring their parents to show their works of art.

- Paint with cinnamon, green tea and cumin: This is a great activity to incorporate smells, visual and kinesthetic development all in one. Mix each spice with water after they smell the materials and let them create a drawing with the colors they created.

- Spring international luncheon: This activity starts talking about continents and different cultures around the world. Children can share their cultural backgrounds and you can include parents to do presentations from different countries of the world. Then, create a display for the kids with one basket for each continent and include food items that come from that continent labeling it with the continent name. Include a Map for Reference. Finally have an international lunch day with music from different countries.

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