Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reggio Inspired Quotes

Thinking about cooperation among children, what does it mean for a group to work together?

“They offer children the opportunity to realize that their ideas are different and not coinciding with the ideas of others, and therefore they discover that they hold their own ideas and unique point of view.
The children realize that the world is multiple and that other children can be discovered by negotiation of ideas. Instead of interacting only through feelings and a sense of friendship, they discover how satisfying is to exchange ideas and thereby transform their environment.”

Loris Malaguzzi

“To experience a process and see it reproduced (that is, see ourselves reproduced) in the documentation -and thus in the thought-of another person, creates the sort of disorientation that opens the way to amazement, doubt, and the desire to know more and to know ourselves better”

Carlina Rinaldi

“We have multiple interacting subjects who construct reality starting from different points of view, because observing means not so much perceiving reality as constructing reality”

Carlina Rinaldi (1994)

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