Saturday, November 14, 2009

Everything is connected

It is interesting that the children’s physical and motor development is integrated with cognitive development. I never noticed the complexity of dancing and how it impacted problem solving, planning, and sequencing until I read about it. (Page 432).

Considering that the culture has such a big impact on children, we should try to evaluate our routines and start modeling the behavior we expect from our children. Taking into account that the motor development is a “lifelong process of continuous change” (Page 435), we can continue the process of enhancing our cognitive abilities by physical movement. When we (adults) start being more active, children will follow our lead.
It is so important to be aware of our behavior since the children create a picture of themselves from the words , attitudes, body language, and judgment from those around them (Page 445). Motor skills build self-confidence and our attitude toward those activities influence the way children approach the challenges presented by those activities.

Everything is connected; physical development, cognitive development, adults and children.

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