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Focus of Play Activity Description

Object-study (Repetitive play with objects)
The child’s focus is on the object. Exploration of the properties of the object are evident. Repetitive action will be observed.

Idea-study (Playing with ideas)
The focus of the play is on ideas. Objects may be used as props (but not always) to assist with the play. Ideas can take the form of “make believe” and events experienced vicariously or learned directly.

Social-study (Socially focused interaction)
The child concentrates upon the interaction process, social rituals and cultural practices (rules within particular communities and social groups). Objects or ideas are really only the vehicle for interacting with another child/adult. Emotions and feelings may also be explored. Metacommunicative language may be featured.

Role-study (in role)
Collaborative or solitary play whereby the child acts out a role(functional, professional, etc.) Metacommunicative strategies may be used.

Power-study (Power focused play)
The child identifies with a particular role and acts out the associated behaviors and relationships of power. Some forms of play are clearly aggressive, while others focus mostly on the role behaviors. Meta-communicative language may be featured.

Physical-study (Physical activity)
The child focuses on the physical experience. Either fine or gross motor skills are exercised in the play.

Language-study (Language play)
The focus of the play is on manipulating language. This may occur independently or with others. Objects are peripheral.

Spatial-study (Spatially oriented Play)
The focus of the play is on the use of space in relation to the child’s body.

Construction-study (making things)
The child concentrates upon making things either alone or with others.

Active exploration and design of musical sounds (oral and
Instrumental, including percussion).

The child is a willing participant in adult-focused activities. The child may initiate real work activities.

Sue Dockett & Marilyn Fleer Harcourt Brace ISBN 0-7295-3353-0
Provided by Megan Holecko

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