Saturday, November 14, 2009

Parents as Teachers

"Families bring with them a sense of continuity about the child: they provide the context in which the teacher can view the whole child. " (p. 307)

"Empowering families to be change agents in theirs children's educational process results in greater family commitment and involvement." (p.313)

The ten most important things families can teach their children:

1. To love themselves.
2. To read behavior.
3. To communicate with words.
4. To understand the difference between toughts and actions.
5. To wonder and ask why.
6. To understand that complicates questions do not have simple answers.
7. To risk failure as a necessary part of growing up (...and life).
8. To trust grownups.
9. To have a mind of their own.
10. To learn when to lean on adults.

According to Baumrind(1972) there are three types of parental styles: authoritative, authoritarian and permissive.

Authoritative: Warm loving atmosphere with clear limits and expectations create the highest levels of self-esteem, self reliance, and independence.

Authoritarian: High control and maturity demands combined with low communication and nurturance. They are dictatorial expecting and demanding obedience with lack of warm and affection.

Permissive: High level of warmth and affection but little control. Rules are not set and not reinforced consistently.

Source: Begginings and Beyond. Gordon, Browne.

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