Sunday, October 3, 2010

Let your Children Grow by Louise L Hay

"Children are blessings from the Universe. They’re individual bright spirits—old spiritual souls coming to have another human experience. They’re here to teach us many things if we’re open to learning from them.

Applaud your children’s uniqueness. Allow them to express themselves in their own style, even if you think it’s just a fad. Don’t make them wrong or tear them down. Goodness knows, I’ve gone through many, many fads in my lifetime, and so will you and your children!

We don’t have to be perfect parents. If we’re loving, our children will have an excellent chance of growing up to be the kind of people we would like to have as friends. They’ll be individuals who are self-fulfilled and successful. Self-fulfillment brings inner peace.

The best thing we can do for our children is to learn to love ourselves, for children always learn by example. We’ll have a better life, and they’ll have a better life, too.

Here are affirmations for both parents and children that you can practice together:
I love new things.
I am teachable. Life is an education. I am a student. I am doing the best I can and every day it gets easier.
The child in me knows how to love and sing and dance and heal. I honor and cherish myself.
I see the best in everyone.
I now contribute to a united, loving and peaceful family life.
To get more love, I merely need to love myself more.
I allow myself to think big dreams.
I am a unique individual with my own path to follow."

Louise L Hay

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