Monday, February 25, 2013

Forty years of teaching thinking - revolution, evolution and what next? | EDtalks

An interesting talk from David Perkins at the International Conference on Thinking ( ICOT 2013). From past to future. Glad to be part of this movement!

"40 YEARS OF TEACHING THINKING -Revolution, Evolution, and What NextToday, national and international educational frameworks commonly include a range of thinking skills, often as part of 21st century skills or competencies. Although policy probably promises more than practice delivers, teaching thinking in some form has become a presence in many classrooms. All this began with revolutionary zeal in the thinking skills movement of the 1970s and 80s, including the first ICOT in 1982. Over the decades, skepticism about teaching thinking emerged from IQ advocates (‘people can’t get smarter’), the back-to-basics movement (‘no time for frills like thinking’), and the notion of situated learning (‘good thinking requires saturation in a discipline’). Meanwhile, both research and practical classroom experience have deepened our ideas about what thinking skills are, whether and how they can be taught, and what place they might take amidst competing educational agendas. I along with many colleagues have been involved throughout. This overview follows the journey of findings and changes in practice that have led us to today, and then looks to the decades ahead." From

To watch the talk go to  Forty years of teaching thinking - revolution, evolution and what next? | EDtalks

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