Saturday, November 14, 2009

Understanding Behavior - Find the cause

Most of the time, we jump into guidance or correction of behavior without understanding the cause behind it.

The guidance triangle opened my eyes to the variables to be considered and how each situation is different (Child, Adult, and Situation). The teacher’s role requires not only skills but also attunement and sensibility to pick the best approach in each instance.

It is important for teachers to understand the 5 factors that affect behavior (developmental, environmental, individual, emotional and cultural) in order to set up the environment and create an appropriate curriculum.

The only way to create self-discipline is “if adults lead in ways that support children’s developing ability to control themselves. By gradually handing over to children the opportunity to govern their own actions, adults communicate trust.” (Page 285).It also helps the child develop their self steam as they start to trust themselves and feel empowered when adults trust them.

Source: Beginnings and Beyond

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