Friday, March 30, 2012

Thinking Routines

Here is an interesting set of questions to promote reasoning, understanding different perspectives, questioning and investigating. Even though these questions are part of the Artful Thinking approach developed by Harvard Project Zero in collaboration with the Traverse City, Michigan Area Public Schools (TCAPS) with the purpose of helping teachers use works of visual art and music in their curriculum in ways that strengthen student thinking and learning; they can be used in any exploration or in day to day conversations to deepen children's thinking.  

Reasoning-centered routines:

Interpretation with Justification Routine 

A Reasoning Routine

Perspective taking-centered routines:

A routine for getting inside viewpoints 

Questioning & Investigating-centered routines:

A routine for exploring works of art and other interesting things 

A routine that sets the stage for deeper inquiry 

A routine for creating thought-provoking questions

Observing & describing-centered routines:

A routine for careful observation and description

A routine for observing and imagining 

A routine for observing and describing music

A routine for observing and describing 

A Routine for Exploring the Formal Qualities of Art

Comparing and Connecting-centered routines:

A Routine for Capturing Essence

A routine for connecting new ideas to prior knowledge

A routine for creating metaphors

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